Expand Your Communication Skills

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Whether you want to improve your relationship with a significant other, manager or family member, FTNS can help. He offers interpersonal communication and relationship building services in Parma, ID. By focusing on both verbal and nonverbal cues, he will teach you how to truly flourish in each of your relationships. Learn more about how we can help you resolve conflicts through interpersonal communication by calling 208-919-3692.

Learn how to strengthen your relationships

Are you having a hard time getting through to your manager? Do you need help finding closure with a loved one in hospice care? FTNS can help by teaching you interpersonal relationship building skills and techniques. His services include:

  • Improving personal, familial or professional relationships
  • Helping you truly blossom into a confident communicator
  • Helping business owners maintain open communication with employees
  • Teaching you to resolve conflicts

Don't put off the relationship building services you need. Schedule an appointment with FTNS today by calling 208-919-3692. FTNS serves clients throughout Canyon County.