Get Help Dealing With Your Demons

Call FTNS today for intrapersonal communication services in Parma, ID

If you're constantly dealing with negative inner thoughts or struggling with anxiety or depression, FTNS can help. FTNS offers intrapersonal communication services to help you manage stress and heal. No matter what issue you need help thinking through, he will take the time to listen and find an approach that meets your needs.

Reach out to him today for intrapersonal communication services. FTNS serves clients in Parma, ID and throughout Canyon County.

Use your mind for healing

FTNS has over 30 years of experience teaching others intrapersonal skills. He can help you communicate with yourself in a healthier way and teach you to use intrapersonal communication to get through any negative situation. His services include:

  • In-person or virtual meetings
  • Weekly or monthly meetings
  • Working with people or animals
  • Creating custom plans of action for his clients

Whether you're a survivor of abuse or you're dealing with depression or anxiety, he will help you find ways to heal using intrapersonal skills. Contact FTNS today to sign up for your first in-person or virtual meeting.